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Friday, June 22

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Saturday, June 23

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Workshop Block 1 / Emergent Conversations A TBA Being the Change: An Introduction to Just Transition CEC Classroom 213-214 BChloe Henson • Yuki Kidokoro Building The Social Economy: Case Studies from Cuba, Mexico and Quebec HGA AuditoriumRafael Betancourt • Maude Brossard • Aristarco CORTES • Eric Leenson Community Investment Funds: Taking Community Capital to Scale HGA Classroom 204Brian Beckon • Sarah Kaplan Cooperativism for Latinos living in the US: Challenges and opportunities CEC Classroom 217-218 DLiliana Avendaño • Indira Garmendia • Catalina Rojas • Luz Zambrano Creating a Just Capital Fund for your Community HGA Classroom 203Hendrix Berry • Nia Evans • Eric Horvath • Pierre Joseph Fighting for a Public Bank: How, Why, and Where CEC Classroom 211-212 ASylvia Chi • Ali Issa • Debbie Notkin • Lewis Reed Healing Justice & Collective Care in Our Movements HGA Classroom 219Alyson Thompson • Kate Werning Learning from the UK: Connecting Politics to Local Economic Democracy Efforts HGA Classroom 220Harper Bishop • Laura Flanders • Sarah McKinley Owning Our Advocacy: Creating a Democratic Process for Worker Cooperative Policy Development HGA Classroom 215Yassi Eskandari • Kate Spasic • Saduf Syal • Steph Wiley Planting Poetry as Visionary Resistance HGA Classroom 214Hnin Hnin • Dominique Pearson • Tawana Petty Story Shift Film Salon HGA Classroom 206Luisa Dantas • Anna Lee • Rachel Plattus Strategies for Reclaiming Land for Communities CEC Pro Dev 204Greg Jackson • Noni Session • India Walton • Lauren Wilfong Walk the Talk of Equality: Exploring Inclusive Decision Making HGA Classroom 205Rebecca Fisher-McGinty • Jerry Koch-Gonzalez • Yana Ludwig What Are We For? Exploring Socialist Alternatives HGA Classroom 218Francisco Perez • Aaron Tanaka Youth Climate Justice Assembly CEC Classroom 215-216 CAlexandra Lindstrom • Hope Ghazala, LMSW • Meagan Lyle • Jessie Thornton

11:00am EDT

Workshop Block 2 / Emergent Conversations B TBA Building Powerful and Thriving Groups HGA Classroom 205Dante Garcia • Jess Grady-Benson • Jeanne Rewa Community Capital in the Digital Age HGA Classroom 203Amy Bogie • Scott Morris Dismantling Class Privilege to Build Cross Class Power HGA Classroom 214Sarah Abbott • Kaitlin Gravitt From Divest to Reinvest: Moving Resources & Power into Frontline Community Control for a Just Transition CEC Pro Dev 204Lupe Romero Elicea • Vivian Huang • Loren White Jr • Yuki Kidokoro • Alyssa Lee Just Transition to a Feminist Economy CEC Classroom 213-214 BPriya Johnson Local Victories Reveal a Path to Ambitious Climate Equity Nationally CEC Classroom 211-212 AColette Pichon Battle • Johannah Cordon Hill • Jim Irby • Adrien Salazar • Anthony Torres Mobilizing Data to Combat Mass Incarceration and Build the New Economy in Post-Industrial Cities HGA Classroom 215Andrew Arkills • Glenn Burleigh • Nay'Chelle Harris • Kennard Williams Our Cities: Participatory Budgeting for Inclusion and Equity HGA Classroom 218Scott Barish • Olga Bautista • Maria Hadden • Rebecca Hollenbach • Vincent Russell • Valerie Warren PACA's 20 BookClubs, 20 Cooperative Businesses: Reimaging Cooperative Development in Marginalized Communities Through Study and Democratic Practices HGA Classroom 219Jamila Medley Performing Habitus: A Collaborative Transformation Game HGA Classroom 206Beth Neff • Esther Neff Policy, Power, and the Radical Imagination HGA AuditoriumTerrel Askew • John Duda • Ali Issa • Sarah McKinley • Peter Sabonis Scaling Employee Ownership HGA Classroom 220Andrea Armeni • Melissa Hoover • Jennie Msall • Sarah Stranahan Self Care, Sisterhood & Sustainability HGA Classroom 204Dail Chambers • Chinyere Oteh Technology for the New Economy CEC Classroom 215-216 CAlfredo Lopez • Micky Metts • René Pérez Towards a People's Puerto Rico CEC Classroom 217-218 DJUSTO MENDEZ ARAMBURU • Carlos Figueroa-Robles • Reynaldo Padilla • Nicolle Teresa Ramos • Alejandra M. Alicea Ríos • Ana Yris Guzman Torres

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Sunday, June 24

8:00am EDT

9:30am EDT

Workshop Block 3 / Emergent Conversations C TBA A School and a Bus: Sharing Models for Just Recovery and Community Food Economies in Puerto Rico CEC Classroom 217-218 DTara Rodríguez Besosa • Carol Ramos Asian American Solidarity Economies: Intersections and Possibilities HGA Classroom 206Parag Khandhar • Yvonne Liu Better Living in Mutual Aid Networks HGA Classroom 205Rebecca Kemble • Stephanie Rearick • Emanuel Taranu Building Blocks for City Campaigns for a New Economy CEC Pro Dev 204Steve Dubb • Eric Griego • Kimber Lanning • Mike Sandmel • Ana Siria Urzua Centering Love in Finance CEC Classroom 213-214 BNwamaka Agbo • Ari Sahagun • Aaron Tanaka Clean Power to the People! Energy Democracy: Advancing Equity in Clean Energy Solutions HGA AuditoriumShiva Patel • Jacqui Patterson • Charles Taylor • Jessica Tovar • Liz Veazey Creating Localized Farmland Commons HGA Classroom 214Ian McSweeney • Jean Willoughby Creating Participatory Bylaws For Distributed Power and Equity HGA Classroom 204Simon Mont • Chris Tittle Fired Up & Burnt Out: Keeping It Together in Uncertain Times HGA Classroom 219Byul Yoon Health Equity for Workers HGA Classroom 215Mo Manklang • Daniella Preisler Making Art & Remaking Ourselves: A New Arts Economy for Justice CEC Classroom 215-216 CPink Flowers • Noemi Gizpensc • Adam Horowitz • Caroline Taiwo Move Your (or Your Organization's) Money HGA Classroom 203Emma Guttman-Slater Sources of Community Capital CEC Classroom 211-212 AEd Whitfield The Leap Manifesto: People's Platform as Organizing Tactic HGA Classroom 218Bianca Mugyenyi

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