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Chandra Farley

Partnership for Southern Equity
Just Energy Director
Identify one primary perspective. (We know its hard to choose just one).
Consumer or resident-centered organizing or policy

Where (in which city/state/region) do you work?
Georgia + American South

What is your big picture goal for your work?
As Just Energy Director at PSE, I envision measurable advances in energy equity and a shift in utility power structure that prioritizes people over profit.

What have you been spending your time on lately?
Values-based organizing of cross-sector partners to support development of an equity framework for Atlanta's 100% Clean Energy plan and planning PSE’s 2018 Just Energy Summit happening in Atlanta, 9/21-22.

What type of person/subject do you wish you could collaborate with?
Those focused on policy at the intersection of environmental justice and energy equity primarily for grassroots and frontline organizations.

What is one persistent problem that you are always trying to solve?
How to fully engage and activate community members in matters of energy and environment.

What areas of expertise, or experiences, do you have that you could share with others?
Nonprofits, strategy, implementation, creativity.

What is your superhero trait or most prized skill?
Remaining calm under pressure and memory/recall.

Anything else you'd like to share that we forgot to ask?
I am looking for inspiration from stories of what is working and how.