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Friday, June 22


Becoming a Worker Cooperative Developer: The Basics (By Application) (Morning Only)
Limited Capacity filling up

This gathering is for people who are interested in entering the field of worker cooperative development. Worker cooperative development can create quality jobs and contribute to a more equitable economy. But what does it look like in practice, and how can it be done most effectively? Hosted by the Democracy at Work Institute, this workshop will use participatory methods to draw out the desired impacts of cooperative development projects, and emphasize alignment with best practices and principles of cooperative development. We will cover the skills and resources needed, the implications of different models, and metrics to collect to understand long-term success. Interested in developing worker-owned businesses as part of a community-based organization or economic development program? Spend the morning with us!

To attend, please fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/Oyydbew956gKC30v1 

Roodline Volcy, Program Coordinator at Democracy at Work Institute, rvolcy@institute.coop
Leigh Brown, Program Coordinator at DAWI, lbrown@institute.coop


Leigh Brown

Program Coordinator, Democracy at Work Institute

Roodline Volcy

Program Coordinator, Democracy at Work Institute

Friday June 22, 2018 9:00am - 12:30pm
HGA Classroom 214


The Future of Philanthropy - A Radical Vision (SOLD OUT)(By Application) (Morning Only)
Limited Capacity filling up

This half-day Network Gathering is intended for progressive funders of all stripes -- community and family foundations, participatory grantmakers, giving circles. It is our intention that funders in this space will share best practices, talk openly about challenges, and discuss how they can be more accountable, transparent, and rooted in the frontline communities they support.

Funders who attend the morning gathering will have first priority to attend an afternoon session on place-based impact investing for racial justice or have the option to go on a tour of St. Louis. Attendees will also be invited to a dinner with NEC’s grantee organizations, spotlighting the critical and timely work they’ve been doing within the New Economy movement.

To apply to attend, please contact the coordinator below.

Contact: Kelly Baker kelly@neweconomy.net

avatar for Farhad Ebrahimi

Farhad Ebrahimi

Founder and Chair, Chorus Foundation

Jennifer Near

Coordinator, Shake the Foundations

Friday June 22, 2018 9:00am - 12:30pm
CEC Classroom 215-216 C


Bridging Divides to a New Economy training (By Application) (Full-Day)
Limited Capacity seats available

Growing the new economy movement will require us to navigate divides in our communities whether its differences of opinion on strategy or historical imbalances of power and privilege. This "Bridging Divides" training is designed for people working in movement and community spaces who are seeking more strategies to engage people across divides, difference, or disagreement.

Led by Macky Alston of the Auburn Seminary, this "Bridging Divides" training will introduce you to a range of strategies to help people engage across divides with courage and grace, with the goal of improved, more just relations in diverse community. You will walk away with a range of successful strategies to listen, share, and be with people who do not see eye to eye, as well as a plan to engage difficult conversations with greater skill -- and to train leaders in your community to facilitate such conversations in group settings.  

The training is designed for 10-20 participants, who will be selected based this simple application. All CommonBound attendees are welcome to apply to attend. NEC staff will curate the final roster of participants with the help of Auburn Seminary.

To attend, please fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/SiSjk5qisL9jBcO03

If you have any questions, please contact Macky Alston at malston@auburnseminary.org.


Macky Alston

SVP, Auburn Seminary

Friday June 22, 2018 9:00am - 5:00pm
HGA Classroom 204


Mapping Our Futures: Exploring Economics and Governance in Our Communities (SOLD OUT) (Spanish Interpretation)
Limited Capacity filling up

The Highlander Research and Education Center and Beautiful Solutions will offer a very participatory workshop at CommonBound called "Mapping Our Futures". The heart of the "Mapping Our Futures" curriculum is a community research and mapping process. Other components include: exploring capitalism and solidarity economics, examining our histories, and blowing our minds with “Beautiful Solutions” -- i.e. examples and strategies that exist around the world of resistance and alternative sustenance to help communities and offer alternatives to an individualistic, capitalist culture. Following the workshop we will share curriculum materials with participants to take home to use and adapt.

To attend, please register here and fill out this google form. 

Contact Susan Williams at susan@highlandercenter.org or Rachel Plattus at rachel@beautifultrouble.org.

avatar for brandon king

brandon king

Cooperation Jackson
Brandon is a founder and organizing coordinator of Cooperation Jackson, which is an emerging network of worker cooperative and supporting institutions. Cooperation Jackson is fighting to create economic democracy by creating a vibrant solidarity economy in Jackson, Mississippi, that... Read More →

Rachel Plattus

Co-Editor, Beautiful Solutions

Susan Williams

Education Team, Highlander Research and Education Center

Friday June 22, 2018 9:00am - 5:00pm
HGA Classroom 203


Movement Voices Training with Laura Flanders (SOLD OUT) (Invitation Only) (Full-Day)
As part of year two of the New Economies Reporting Project, we are hosting a one-day media training led by Laura Flanders for the 2018 NEC Movement Voices fellows. The training will be hands-on, challenging, and designed with the specific fellows in mind. Taking place with a professional interviewer, in front of a camera, they will give participants an in-depth, firsthand look at what it takes to represent themselves and their work to modern media.

If you have questions, contact Eli Feghali at eli@neweconomy.net.


Laura Flanders

Journalist, The Laura Flanders Show

Friday June 22, 2018 9:00am - 5:00pm
HGA Classroom 215 3026 Laclede Ave, St. Louis, MO 63103


People and Planet First: Organizing for Energy Sovereignty (SOLD OUT) (Invitation Only) (Full-Day)
Limited Capacity seats available

Adapting to climate change and preventing global catastrophe will require massive economic shifts, which for the past 50 years have only increased wealth inequality. We have the opportunity now to shape the next great economic shift, and ensure that it benefits our communities that have been most impacted. Over 25 organizations in 20 states are part of the People and Planet First program of People's Action, and several of them are developing models that create economic opportunity while benefiting the environment. We will discuss challenges and learnings related to organizing for policy change that makes alternative economic models possible and creates opportunities for our members to be owners of the new energy economy. Guest presenters will be invited to inform parts of our discussion.

This gathering is by invitation only for People’s Action Affiliate Organizations

Contact: Jordan Estevao j.estevao@peoplesaction.org



Ben Ishibashi

Climate Justice Organizer, People's Action Institute

Friday June 22, 2018 9:00am - 5:00pm
HGA Classroom 205


Rural Electric Cooperative Organizing Gathering (SOLD OUT) (By Application) (Full-Day)
Limited Capacity seats available

This gathering will be a space for rural electric cooperative (REC) member-owners and organizers to meet each other, learn from each other's work, access additional resources, discuss ways to build a new economy narrative through REC work, and plug into opportunities for regional and national collaboration. The focus will be on networking folks who are doing the work; we will also welcome people interested in getting more involved and supporting the work. There are more than 800 rural electric cooperatives owned by 42 million people across almost 75% of America's land area with $45B in annual revenue. REC’s are energy democracies and can be harnessed for broader economic democracy across a large swath of rural and suburban America.

To apply to attend, please contact the coordinators below.

Contact: Nikita Perumal nikita@kftc.org and Liz Veazey liz@weown.it



Nikita Perumal

Eastern Kentucky Organizing Apprentice, KFTC
avatar for Liz Veazey

Liz Veazey

Network Director, We Own It
Since late 2015, Liz Veazey has been excited to put her skills and experience to work for We Own It, the national network for cooperative member rights, education and training as Network Coordinator. Liz has a range of communication, project management, technology, and organizing... Read More →
avatar for Chris Woolery

Chris Woolery

How$martKY Program Coordinator, Mountain Association for Community Economic Development
Chris Woolery became the How$martKY™ Program Coordinator in September of 2015 after four years with MACED as a Residential Energy Specialist. How$martKY™ partners with rural electric cooperatives to design, finance, and install home energy efficiency upgrades – and these improvements... Read More →

Friday June 22, 2018 9:00am - 5:00pm
CEC Classroom 213-214 B


Solutions Journalism Training for the New Economies Reporting Project (SOLD OUT) (Invitation Only) (Full-Day)
Limited Capacity seats available

A training for reporters in solutions journalism led by the Solutions Journalism Network. This training is part of NEC's New Economies Reporting Project. Attendees will include our 2018 reporting fellows and other invited guests.

Contact: Nati Linares nati@neweconomy.net

Friday June 22, 2018 9:00am - 5:00pm
HGA Classroom 218


Stories for a New Economy (Open) (Full-Day)
Limited Capacity seats available

How can storytelling support the shift to a just, generative, and sustainable future? How can we amplify solutions, successes, and the radical visions of those most impacted by exploitation and extraction - directly, or as accountable accomplices? This participatory, multidisciplinary and hands-on one day network gathering will help you harness the power of story in your strategies for social change.

The morning will be an introduction to story-based strategy. In the afternoon we’ll dive deep into principles and practices to remedy extractive storytelling while dreaming, scheming, and creating the kinds of stories we need to tell for inspiring a future that bends the arc towards justice and liberation. This workshop includes an introduction to story-based strategy with no prerequisites. Our explorations will include multi- and interdisciplinary forms of storytelling and media platforms, including ways to integrate film with other mediums such as visual art, music, movement, healing rituals, and performance in your work.

This network gathering is presented by the Center for Story-based Strategy - a national movement-building organization dedicated to harnessing the power of narrative for social change, and StoryShift - an initiative coordinated by Working Films building a collaborative network and resourcing hub for media-makers, artists, activists, and organizers who are building powerful alternatives to structural racism, oppression, and inequity in the face of climate change.

avatar for Jayeesha Dutta

Jayeesha Dutta

StoryShift Strategist, Working Films and Another Gulf Is Possible Collaborative
Jayeesha Dutta is a tri-coastal, nearly tri-lingual Bengali-American artist, activist and strategist who leads the StoryShift initiative at Working Films. She is also part of the core leadership circle for Another Gulf Is Possible Collaborative, galvanizing the voices and experiences... Read More →
avatar for Chloe Henson

Chloe Henson

Membership Engagement Coordinator, Climate Justice Alliance
Chloe Henson recruits, onboards, and supports CJA’s amazing member groups, help develop engagement strategies as well as logistic support for member events and Just Recovery work. | | Chloe is formerly CJA’s digital organizer, graduated from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque... Read More →
avatar for Yuki Kidokoro

Yuki Kidokoro

National Organizer, Climate Justice Alliance
Yuki Kidokoro is CJA’s National Organizer for Reinvest in Our Power, supporting strategies to move money from the extractive economy and towards building local regenerative economies. After graduate studies in Urban Planning at UCLA, Yuki spent 15 years at Communities for a Better... Read More →

Anna Lee

Co-director, Working Films
avatar for Mariana Mendoza

Mariana Mendoza

Urban Sustainability MA, Center for Story-based Strategy, and Local Peace Economy

Kiara Nagel

Center for Story-based Strategy

Friday June 22, 2018 9:00am - 5:00pm
CEC Classroom 217-218 D


Worker Cooperative JUMPSTART (SOLD OUT) (Open) (Full-Day)(Spanish Interpretation)
Limited Capacity seats available

Are you interested in starting a worker-owned cooperative, or converting an existing business to worker-ownership? Curious about cooperatives and how they really function in everyday practice? Looking for ways to build and strengthen a cooperative ecosystem in your city? Our Worker Cooperative Jumpstart is for YOU.

Organized by a group of longtime worker-owners and ecosystem allies, CommonBound's Worker Cooperative Jumpstart is a hands-on opportunity to get started on the cooperative path, or to expand your knowledge and understanding, and learn best practices for your existing worker cooperative. We welcome active worker owners looking to learn more, community members looking to bring cooperative development to their neighborhoods, aspiring worker-owners, and everyone else! Come alone, or bring a team!
Learn about why workers choose cooperative ownership structures; how cooperatives impact the racial wealth divide; how your early structure choices impact your cooperative's ability to thrive; how to start, organize, grow, and maintain your cooperative enterprise; and how to finance your path forward ... and more!

Coordinator: Kate Khatib (Red Emma’s Cooperative), Ro McIntyre (Baltimore Roundtable for Economic Democracy), Brendan Martin (The Working World), Jim Johnson (Democracy at Work Network), Parag Khandhar (Baltimore Roundtable for Economic Democracy), Bernardo Vigil (Baltimore Bicycle Works), Joseph Cureton (CORE Staffing), John Duda (The Democracy Collaborative)

Questions: kate.baltimore.roundtable@gmail.com

avatar for John Duda

John Duda

Director of Communications, The Democracy Collaborative
Heading up outreach, publicity, publishing, and field building for The Democracy Collaborative's efforts to catalyze a more democratic economy. Also a founding worker-owner at Baltimore's Red Emma's.
avatar for Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson

Peer Advisor, Baltimore Roundtable for Economic Democracy
worker co-op peer-to-peer technical assistance


Executive Director, BRED

Friday June 22, 2018 9:00am - 5:00pm
CEC Classroom 211-212 A


Data-Mapping for the New Economy (SOLD OUT) (Open) (Afternoon Only)
Limited Capacity seats available

The movement needs good data about itself—and to be relevant data must be FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. This gathering will bring together organizations and researchers working on gathering information on the "new" (social/solidarity/cooperative) economy to come to a shared understanding on basic issues such as taxonomies (categories and definitions), technical infrastructure needs, and good practices for gathering, sharing, maintaining, and displaying data. All are welcome, but this will make most sense to those who spend time and resources on these tasks.

Contact: Noemi Giszpenc ngiszpenc@cdi.coop

#datasharing #betterdata #dataworks #databomb #drivewithdata


Friday June 22, 2018 1:30pm - 5:00pm
HGA Classroom 219


Place-Based Investing for Racial Justice (SOLD OUT) (By Application) (Afternoon Only)
Limited Capacity filling up

Funders, investors and financial advisors will play an essential role in helping to resource a Just Transition to a New Economy. In Boston, a new generation of cutting edge capital vehicles are redefining a theory of change for transformative place based ecosystem investing. Participants will explore the Boston Impact Initiative and Boston Ujima Project as case studies for advancing economic justice and the democratization of capital. Transform Finance and other national partners will help contextualize these case studies within broader trends in philanthropy and impact investing. Participants will explore a “restorative capital stack” and leave with a better understanding of opportunities to leverage their funding to catalyze a New Economy movement in the US.

  • Boston Impact Initiative
  • Boston Ujima Project
  • Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE)
  • Center for Economic Democracy
  • Transform Finance
  • Solidago Foundation

To apply to attend, please contact the coordinator below.

Contact: Ariel Brooks, ariel@economicdemocracy.us

avatar for Deborah Frieze

Deborah Frieze

Founder & President, Boston Impact Initiative
Deborah Frieze is founder and president of the Boston Impact Initiative, an impact investing fund focused on economic justice, which means investing in opportunity for all people—especially those most oppressed or abandoned by our current economic system—to lead a dignified and... Read More →

Aaron Tanaka

Director, Center for Economic Democracy
Aaron Tanaka is a Boston-based community organizer, grantmaker, and impact investor. As the director of the Center for Economic Democracy, Aaron stewards funding and technical assistance to grassroots groups that build power and vision in low-income communities of color for a new... Read More →

Friday June 22, 2018 1:30pm - 5:00pm
CEC Classroom 215-216 C


Worker Cooperatives: Moving the Movement (SOLD OUT) (Open) (Afternoon Only)
Limited Capacity seats available

Worker co-ops are a small part of our country's huge economy — in order to make a difference, we need to know how to communicate together, and play off of our collective strengths. This network gathering will explore the internal and external communications about this movement through marketing, policy, and community engagement. What are the opportunities before us to bring worker co-ops into the national spotlight? How do we articulate our model in a way that illustrates the equitable solution that is worker cooperatives? We'll explore the avenues and messages that will help us to coordinate effectively together.

We'll map out the big ways in which worker co-ops have an opportunity to make a mark — both ones that are currently in motion, and rallying points for our ecosystem to develop. There will be strategic group-thinking around policy, messaging, and ecosystem communication to help us leverage the best of the many players in this field.

Coordinators: Mo Manklang and Morgan Crawford from the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives


Annette Griffin

Owner / Worker, A & Associates

Mo Manklang

Communications Director, U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives

Friday June 22, 2018 1:30pm - 5:00pm
HGA Classroom 214