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Philip Fracica

Renew Missouri
Regional Director
Identify one primary perspective. (We know its hard to choose just one).
Affordable MF Housing: policy and program development and implementation

Where (in which city/state/region) do you work?

What is your big picture goal for your work?
For all MFLI housing in our state to have access to energy efficiency

What have you been spending your time on lately?
Developing a community solar program for MFLI

What type of person/subject do you wish you could collaborate with?
Someone with knowledge of successful development of utility community solar programs with a focus on access for low-income and affordable multifamily customers

What is one persistent problem that you are always trying to solve?
Split-incentive and multifamily access to WAP

What areas of expertise, or experiences, do you have that you could share with others?
Low-income community solar review

What is your superhero trait or most prized skill?
I would say my superhero trait is persistence in advocacy to get the preferred outcomes from stakeholders.