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Erica Williams

A Red Circle
Executive Director
St Louis, MO
Erica R Williams is a current doctoral student at Walden University and holds an MBA from Maryville University. She is also active in the community and is deeply concerned about the economic health of north St. Louis County and particularly its black citizens. Through her academic research and community involvement, she has linked St. Louis’s racist past to North County’s current economic status and the racial inequality blacks still experience.
How others describe Ms. Williams: “…a powerhouse of a woman who is actively addressing social injustice in North County--from food to education and more--to stop the cycle of systemic racism and its effects."
Nonprofit Executive Director (who wears all hats). A Red Circle’s mission statement is the holistic betterment of our community; reversing the effects of racism one person and cause at a time. The vision of the organization is to restore North (St. Louis) County to a safe, vibrant, sustainable, and economically sound community that remains diverse, and in doing so, help heal the racial strife and division that threatens to ruin North County altogether.
About her program:
Program: “The best way to visualize A Red Circle is to consider north St. Louis County (“North County”), its primary demographic, and its economic health. Where do you start? With schools that need funding, with vacant homes that need purchasing for tax revenue to fund the schools? With adults who need jobs and income to purchase the homes that fund the schools? With healthier food options to attract new businesses to hire the people who need jobs to buy the homes to fund the schools? With increasing the arts availability which adds flavor to everything? It’s a circle, with no true beginning and no end. These disparities are the product of systemic and structural racism, but all blood is red.” – Erica R. Williams
What We Do: A Red Circle is a community based, collaborative organization. It has five focus areas: employment, education, holistic living, policy, and the arts. The projects, programs, and events are designed around one or all focus areas.
Advocacy: The current concentrations are education equity and food justice. These involve community-based programming and policy-based research. Our approach is based on the participatory action research (PAR) model. We believe that community buy-in, education, and empowerment is crucial to our success.
How you can help: Visit www.aredcircle.org to get involved.
Topics: Racial equity, systemic racism, social justice, community betterment, policy, community betterment